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Bridge Counseling

Step toward change
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Currently with the spread of COVID19 telehealth will be used - available by phone or videoconferencing

Why Therapy?

You are feeling stuck somehow. You feel a distinct feeling of disconnection. Disconnection from your loved ones, or your hobbies, or your body's reaction to things. Sometimes things may seem to spin out of control and you may not be sure why. I am here to help you to bridge the connection to your life. 

You are able to change and reconnect to your life, but it will take new skills and insight to get you there. My role as a therapist is to help you tackle these feelings head-on. We will talk about the past, present and future to help you understand what's happened to you, how to change your life and how to build on your strengths to reconnect with others.


Rachel Marchetti

I am a licensed professional counselor who is nationally certified. My approach is tailored to each person, but I draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  I am certified in trauma-focused CBT, and Parent Child Interaction Therapy.  I believe the most important part of therapy is to listen to your clients and give them tools for success. I have been able to see many of my clients succeed by decreasing significantly in depression , PTSD and anxiety symptoms.

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My Specialties

I am skilled and experienced at treating eating disorders, personality disorders, parenting issues, relationship conflicts, self esteem, gender and sexuality, phobias, and bipolar disorder. However, I am most experienced with the following:


I will  help decrease anxiety based on a brain based approach. This will look at what is being effected in your body, and how to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system through coping skills. 


I am trained in Trauma-Focused CBT and Trauma informed came. We will start simply with learning coping skills for the symptoms of PTSD and increase your understanding about your trauma.  When ready, we will talk about your experience so that you will be able to control the story you tell yourself about what happened. 


Depression is not just the feeling of sadness, it can be a feeling of numbness and isolation. Through CBT and Person-Centered therapy I will help you to  take care of yourself by believing that you are worth it. We will change negative thought patterns and find a positive and creative side of you


Sometimes life  is just too much to handle. You may be going through the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, change in jobs, or change in your family. I can help you to get through this transition by supporting you, and helping to give you skills to cope with the pain. 

Insurances accepted: Highmark, United Behavioral Health, Cigna, Optum, United Behavioral Health, UPMC

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